The 1918 Webster’s Dictionary defines “intention” as “when the mind, with great earnestness and of choice, fixes its view on any idea”. . . or “the fixed direction of the mind to a particular object” as well as “the state of being strained.”

Did you ever notice that the word “intention” itself sounds like in tension?” Is that what it creates in your body, in your life and in the world when used without awareness? Even the dictionary defines it as “The state of being strained.”

“Intention” is one of those concepts that makes me literally squirm when I hear it. Immediately I do not trust what comes out of people’s mouths after they say they “intend to.”  Well, according to the dictionary definition, intention means to “fix” on something with your mind.  How many of you were taught that if you just “set your mind to it” it’ll get done? Will it? What happens when you change your mind? Do you have to constantly judge you for changing?  What if there was something greater than intention?

People in the spiritual New Age often say they intend love and light for someone. What exactly are they saying? They set their intention that the money will show up for the thing they wish to buy. Does it ever come? How much effort, strain and judgment is involved in intending? Intention is one of those wishy washy concepts that can seemingly make you feel like whoever is saying it is super spiritual, you’re not, and it leaves you confused about what exactly they are talking about.

Does what they intend ever come to fruition? Or is it like a blind chicken finding a corn every once in a while?

Here’s what I’m talkin’ about!

If I say I intend to pay for your dinner, does that unsettle you just a bit? If you are on the receiving end of dinner, would you want me to intend to buy you dinner or just buy you dinner? Or to put it another way, would you rather have your lover intend to have sex with you or would you just rather be having sex with them?

Intending is one of those “back door” phrases that always gives you an out.  

  • “I intended to do my homework, but I didn’t,” just doesn’t cut it for the teacher.
  • I intend to have the money for the course, but I don’t have it right now.
  • I set my intention to clean out the garage, but do I?

You can always come up with an excuse as to why you didn’t and try to save face by saying, “but at least I intended to do it!”

“Intention” is one of those weasel words which has you putting off something into the future, rather than doing it, being it, and having it now. How many fantasies of creating, of clearing, of changing something do you have just sitting there, intending to get done, but never succeeding or coming to fruition?  Are you intending to do them? What if you just did them? Yes? Like NOW!  When you intend, are you putting off your future that you could be enjoying and creating in this now moment? Are you buying into lack and giving excuses such as not enough time, money or health?

A personal example:

I learned this recently and maybe that’s why I’m writing about it. For the last few years, I’ve been intending to work out at the gym.  True confessions. I was one of those people who pays for a gym membership that funds you the luxury of working out every morning in an empty gym.  Truth be told, I’ve even made it to the gym a few times and have been paying monthly fees to prove my intention to go regularly will magically actualize some day.   I’ve been intending to work out, to get “in shape” when all my ducks were lined up, or when I was fit enough to make it to the gym, or . . . .what?

There’s a saying . . . “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.” Now I know it’s the street where I live!  How about you?

Well, what I learned from shining the light of awareness on this dynamic, was that I was creating my future based on “intending to” and “never create, be and do.” Never doing was creating my future of never doing!  For 5 years!  At $50/month for 5 years, I could have afforded my own gym, or spent it on something else!

The power of intention for me was to keep me holding onto the bone of the wrongness of me and creating my life and my body from “intending for the future,” also known as “never do.” What I found is that creating my life and my body begins now with my choices, followed by actions, NOT my intentions. I was choosing to move my body, but I was not taking action in the now moment.  I made my choice to exercise from cognitive awareness, which is NOT true choice. When I set my intention, my workout had to be a certain way.  I painted myself into a corner about what “working out” had to look like. There was no “wiggle room” literally in my intention to work out. In my case, intention created paralyzation, procrastination, judgment and the need for motivation.  There IS another way to bust this matrix!

Choosing from true awareness is asking a question or two:

  • What is this choice creating now and for the future?
  • What energies can I be today to bring this to fruition right away?
  • What is required of me, of the universe to actualize this?
  • Do I still choose this? Is this intention mine?

And even more simply put, if creating your future includes moving your body daily, or enjoying living, your now moment has also got to include that. Choosing from a “head” space is the road to hell paved with good intentions. Choosing from question and possibilities begins to unlock you from your fantasies and gets you to start creating NOW which creates your future as well.

And, just for the record, the ease I’m having (yes, I canceled my gym membership this week) with simply asking my body how it would like to move every  day requires a lot less effort and strain than when I was intending to do this big work-out thing that never actualized as I paralyzed myself by intending to and never do. 


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