Transformation Game - Card Reading

Online via zoom
45min –  CAD$75

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You can’t always change what’s going on around you, but you can change what’s going on within you.

What do you get when you combine a fortune cookie, a spiritual tune up, and a rocket therapy session, all rolled into one? 🚀

A Transformation Game – Card Reading with Sabine!

In these 45 minutes, Sabine skillfully tunes into your situation, draws the cards that show you how to see your situation from a fresh perspective, and gives you tools to change it.

If you’re feeling weird, sad, misdirected or just ready for some new insight… book yourself a card reading with Sabine.

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ANGEL® Cards

Click on Life Angel to pick a card for a blessing on your day or an energy to illumine your current situation!

What people are saying about playing
The Transformation Game with Sabine

Sabine you are an energetic attunement rockstar. I am amazed at how your energetic awareness infuses everything.
As someone who does related work, I often feel irritated when facilitated by other people.
It’s like going to your kid’s violin lesson versus hearing a virtuoso. That’s how I feel with you.
Thank-you for the joy and gift of awareness that you are.

Karina P., Toronto, Ontario

You go into such a depth with me, depth in the questions, but also depth in the feedback that you gave me…

I could do this 24/7!

Thank you!

Catherine S., London, Ontario

With your facilitation I was able to go so much more deeply into the energy….

Thank you.

Wanda D, London, Ontario