the transformation game

The Transformation Game

Not your typical board game. It’s a life-changing experience!


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What is the Transformation Game?


The Transformation Game® is a board game developed over 40 years ago at The Findhorn Foundation, an internationally renowned Spiritual Eco Village.

More than just a board game, this game is like a psychic reading that reveals and reflects those hidden aspects of yourself and your current situation. It’s crazy how bang-on the awareness can be!

With expert guidance from Sabine, a Certified Facilitator, you’ll gain powerful insights and breakthrough limitations. Discover and embrace your strengths and get empowered to move forward in your life  with more ease.

This game is for anyone who wants to know their strengths as well as what is limiting them on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of being.

Want to play with friends?

Schedule a game with your friends or partner (2-4 players) 

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Who plays the game and why?

Are you on a road trip between your old life and your new life? Ready for something new, but not sure what, exactly? Or maybe you’re getting caught in the monkey mind about HOW to make these changes and all you can say is WTF?!!!

Whatever the reason, this game never fails to help you see your situation from a different perspective and to change it, if you choose. The game reveals various aspects of yourself and your situation that may have been hiding from you… and brings them to the surface, often in humorous ways.

*To be clear, the game itself does not provide YES or NO answers, but rather opens up doors and new perspectives and possibilities for each player..

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Do I need to play with a Certified Facilitator?

Certified facilitators, like Sabine, are trained to skillfully facilitate each individual (usually 2-6 players) as well as group dynamics. They help provide the context for a safe, supportive playing field and have a rich understanding of the more complex set of protocols within the game that brings forth a powerful and enriching experience for all players.

The training to become a certified facilitator is a 14-day intensive with more than 100 tuition hours. It gives thorough training in the use of advanced rules and expanded options.