One night. Great dog park.

So happy to leave the next morning & proud that we got ready with such prowess.

I even cleaned all the bugs and guck off the Airstream windows, so we were all shiny, bright and eager to move on!

We did.

And one of the stabilizing jacks was still stabilizing while we drove away and heard this twisting metal sound.

Yup, Stabilizing Jack was now a Twisted Sister and alas our Airstream Serenity was un-towable.

7 hours later, after lots of sweat, asking lots of questions, trying to fix it ourselves, asking the KOA people to assist us, and finally a talented mechanic who had it fixed in 10 minutes, we were off to our next adventure!

Even though we were stopped in the KOA parking lot for hours, we didn’t let that STOP US!
We kept creating, being, perceiving, demanding, changing things and working on our business.

What an unexpected GIFT that was!

A HUGE Thank you to everyone we asked for help along the way!!!

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