Unleash Your Knowing

Why is being authentically you crucial for living successfully in a changing world?

Sabine Hildebrandt

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May 7, 14 & 21 – 2019
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Unleash Your Knowing is one of our signature courses and through repetition, you will be able to master the tools, the craft and the art of your knowing!

Juna Guetter

Wanna find out?

What do you know that no one else knows?
What’s different about you that you could use to your advantage?
If you trusted yourself beyond a doubt and followed through, what else could you experience and create?

In this 3 part class you’ll learn how to:

Trust your true-to-you self
Stop stopping yourself
Put what you know into action that works
Unleash your authentic self into the world with confidence!

Simple, yet not always easy!

To live with satisfaction, success and peace, you need to know yourself, live your difference, and be able to live it in your own way!

Otherwise, you’re living at the effect of circumstances and other people!
You know this well. Letting others decide on your behalf, allowing others to influence your mood, your health, your well-being? Grrrrrr!

Believing you have to be as stressed out, angry, frustrated or bitter as everybody else, when you’re just a hair’s breadth away from living YOUR KNOWING, is crazy-making and ULTIMATELY debilitating on ALL LEVELS.

There are gifts that only you have. Ready to unleash them? Can you afford NOT TO?

The world needs you now to be unapologetically you, trust yourself and live according to what works! Now is the time!

Ready to kick doubt’s butt? Join us!

Bring your body with you

Open to the gifts awaiting for you from the earth and 

Allow the magic to unfold

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Stop selling out and start trusting you!