W.A.I.T. Why Am I Talking?

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How to speak from a mindful place while having difficult conversations

As you might agree, we’re currently living in a strange time where pretty much everybody has strong feelings, beliefs and opinions about what is the best medical protocol and what is not.

In fact, several clients and friends we’ve chatted with recently have told us about their struggle with wanting to share their concerns with those who don’t seem to understand what they believe to be the truth or at least best practice. Or, conversely, being on the receiving end of someone else’s vitriol.

So what we’ve been recommending is firstly to notice the urge to speak from all you’ve got going on in that powerful emotional field of yours! And then, implement this handy acronym Sabine picked up from her recent HeartMath training.

W.A.I.T. Why Am I Talking?

Use this mnemonic device to aid in being mindful while confronting the temptation to have to explain yourself (from your head). W.A.I.T. is about remembering to connect with your breath and heart first, and to speak from spaciousness and love instead. What if your powerful emotions and unique insights weren’t for everyone?

And what if your passionate outpourings could be tempered with a little bit of non-doing, a dose of mindfulness before all that slips out of your mouth? Indeed, do you really have to explain yourself?  Can this person hear what you’re about to say? Or perhaps you’re speaking just to relieve the immense pressure built up inside of you.

That being said, what other options are available? We also recommend listening, a lost art that when done in a loving way, melts the toughest defences. Another option is to express your thoughts and feelings in a journal… or even dancing them! In other words, you can always W.A.I.T. for more clarity on what it is that you can say that will make a meaningful impact or powerful difference. And remember that what speaks the loudest is your energy behind the words.

Just to be clear, we’re not advocating being quiet or suppressing your voice! Not at all. It’s about speaking your truth from a space of love and connection with the other, rather than from separation or a need to divide and conquer.

If you’d like help gaining clarity on what it is you’re here to say and to manifest in the world, book a complimentary Discovery Call to see how working with us can guide you to do just that!

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