Waking Up To Your Genius

by | Apr 2, 2023 | Creativity, Energy Forecast, Human Design, Initiation | 2 comments

For the last few days and into the next couple of weeks, we’re tuning in to some intense energies. The earth is waking up and so are you! Biting Through (hexagram 21) and Initiation (hexagram 51) are the energy themes upon us now and through Easter (March 30-April 10).*

Questions to ask yourself regarding beginning new things at this time are… “Do I have the heart for this? Do I have the will to begin this?” If you do, it’ll be correct for you to go ahead and do it and your Genius will be able to get on board. On the other hand, if you’re initiating something in order to prove yourself or to overcompensate for what you feel is lacking, wait until your inner voice of truth gives a whole-hearted “yes” not based on proving, but for the joy of it.

With this particularly intense week of “biting through,” you could very well slip into “control freak” mode more than usual, or notice those around you trying to exert control. Yet “control” is what this energy is all about. Indeed, it may be correct for you to bite through an obstacle with tenacity and willpower, ensuring that everybody in your family and close circles gets what they need.

Then beginning April 5, we tune into a complimentary energetic weather pattern of “shock and initiation.” This is another intense energy that we need right now during the Quarter of Initiation.

Is now the time to apply your heart energy to what you do in the world?

Is now the time to plant seeds literally and figuratively?

Is now the time to start new creations with love?

This shocking energy is here to help you take an initiatory leap into an area of life that you may have forgotten about or an area that has lain dormant.You’ve been in a dormant time of winter and it’s time to wake up! “Time to arise and start something in this sacred time of Initiation,” this energy quakes.

Yet, what’s so important to note about these themes is that they may or may not bring you the energy that aligns with your Genius. Just because the sun is highlighting this energy, doesn’t mean that it is for you, personally. It’s important to check in with your own voice of truth within, and then, if it feels right, rings true, go ahead and begin. This is the beautiful aspect about your uniqueness and everyone else’s. Not everyone is meant to do the same things in the same ways.

Is now the time to take steps towards a new relationship, a new project or a new beginning?

If you’d like some wise guidance and help tuning in to your unique decision making power, we’ve got 2 more spots in our Immersion coaching program.

Are you IN? 


*Our weekly energy forecasts reflect the impact the sun has on humanity as it moves through the hexagram (gate, gene key) of the Rave Mandala. This Mandala is based on Human Design’s Rave Mandala, 64 hexagrams of the I-Ching laid out in a progressive pattern and merged with the Western Astrology Wheel.
You can see patterns of energy and information available each week throughout the year. No matter where you live, everyone is impacted by this particular patterned sequence. The movements of the sun, earth and all planets are potentials you can see in others and in the world around you.
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1 year ago

That was beautiful! Thank you Juna and Sabine!!

Reply to  Kim
1 year ago

Thank you for letting us know! Always good to hear back from you ♥️

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