We left Legendary Waters and drove on toward Munising –  the home stretch has begun!
The internet wasn’t available, we hadn’t booked a campsite ahead because up until today, campgrounds were everywhere.
Now when we needed one, there was NOTHING in sight.

It would be dark soon.

Arguing with each other, I drove off the road to chill out by the Lake. It was a surprisingly beautiful spot, from which we ran down some sandy dunes to the big lake. The dogs ran with abandon, we ran up and down the beach & allowed nature to dissipate the angst! In 5 minutes we were laughing at the ease and beauty of it all. We totally changed the energy!

All of a sudden I realized that we had forgotten one of our basic tools. Not a hammer, not a screw driver.

It was the tool of “ask a question!”

We hadn’t been asking for what we truly desired on this day.

So, without further ado, we immediately asked to find a beautiful place to camp for the night within the next 30 minutes.
We asked to have ease and speed with all of this and to find a place by the lake and with wi-fi. Too much to ask?
Well, what we know is if you DON’T ASK, you don’t get! What could we lose at this point?

Sabine had been trying to get on the internet for some important meetings all afternoon, with not much luck.
I saw a gas station, pulled over & she got wi-fi.
I asked at the station if there was any campgrounds nearby and as I was standing there, I saw a sign across the street with the sign Bay Furnace State Park.

THAT was the park we had tried to contact and couldn’t reach!

We drove across, and found MORE than what we had asked for.
We got the most spacious and beautiful spot yet with a private beach. With wi-fi. With quiet. With a view.
My heart exploded with gratitude!
Sabine got to be at her meetings and I walked & played on the beach with the dogs.

And as if I was being rewarded for my capacities to ask and receive, I came across a magical spot with shimmering glassy rocks of blacks, jade greens and fossil type stones. I asked if there was one I could take and gift to Sabine and one showed itself to me.

With child-like glee, I couldn’t wait to bring to Sabine . . . guess . . . which hand?

Thank you, Universe, for this magical day!




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