One of my favourite topics is creating. Likewise, what gives me a rush is when the act of creation dynamically changes something on the inner or outer levels that you have been tolerating.

Did you know that a major block to creating is tolerating?

What are you enduring that’s been slowing you down? All those tolerations, as simple as a button missing off your favorite shirt, to owing library fees, to getting your taxes done, to your messy car, DRAIN YOUR ENERGY! What you tolerate, you worry about, so read on to stop worrying and clean up your tolerations.

Next is an example of how I stopped “putting up with” and started creating instead. 

Recently, my partner, Sabine, and I were acutely aware that our house on the outside was crying out for some lovin.’ Most noteworthy, one of the components of tolerations is that you might not even be aware how much you have been putting up with something, until the mysterious balance tips.

That balance tipped when we noticed how the previous beige paint job was flaking off ! Talk about a metaphor for demanding change!

Beige has never really been “us,” yet we’ve lived with it as a trim colour on our yellow brick century home for years. Classic, yes? Safe, yes? Tolerable? Not anymore. Recognizing the need of a fresh coat of paint, we stumbled into an inquiry about changing the colour to brighter tones that would add more joie de vivre.

How to begin?

First of all, we asked our house what colour(s) it would like to be painted. In short (actually it was a rather long conversation) our house responded with, “a rich plant-green, a happy yellow and a warm red/brown/orange.” 

Next we looked at colour decks, bought sample paints and painted them directly on the house. Weirdly enough, we knew when the colours were not right for the task. As a result, Sabine ended up mixing the sample pigments into the exact colours that jived with us and our house. Not settling for what 3 top paint stores offered, we CREATED exactly what 62 Askin street was askin’ for. No compromises.

The sense of relaxation and joy when those hues energetically danced with the house and us, was palpable; flooding our hearts and bodies with happy vibes.

Flowing our ideas and colour choices to the painters was easy. Uberpainters picked up our vibe right away and coloured our house with paint love as if it were their home. The entire process unfolded as if by magic.

As an added bonus, during the 5 days of painting, neighbours and friends delivered delicious, gourmet meals and desserts to our door on several occasions! Totally unsolicited. Yet, we wonder if that was all part of the magic of creation unleashed?

If you are interested in creating more in your life, here are some bytes of wisdom I pulled from our true-to-life experience:

  1. Never settle – go for what you truly desire and don’t let the naysayers stop you
  2. Ask physical items to show you how they want to be cared for… then listen and take action
  3. Request that the money for the job (and more) shows up with ease
  4. Ask your creation to contribute to all your other creations and vice versa
  5. Seek out contractors/resources to show up that are capable of and committed to doing an excellent job
  6. If what you desire does not exist yet, do not hesitate to go about CREATING IT, no matter what

In summary, if you wish to ignite an inquiry into a situation in your own life, ask the final 2 questions and take action.
Caution: Your beige life might change to something more magical and more colourful, if you ask this.

Is there something in your life that you are “putting up with” that needs to change?
What’s one step you can take toward changing that today?
Go and do that now.