What’s So Great About Synergy?

by | Jun 11, 2023 | Civilization, Energy Forecast, Human Design | 2 comments

About 18 years ago, Sabine and I, newly together as a couple in utter love and infatuation, sat in contemplation with lots of pens, paper, doodles, music and movement… to come up with the name of our new business. It was a mystical moment when the words Synergy In Motion came together for the very first time! Did we find the name or did the name find us? What powerful magic was afoot in this new connection?

That experience in itself is a great example of the dynamic of Synergy, meaning essentially, that where two or more are gathered they ‘produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.’ And this is why we do what we do… help you bring all the parts of you together in motion on the dance floor of life!

So here we are again, 18 years and 6 months later, contemplating the theme of the week which is based in hexagram 45, Gathering Together. Richard Rudd, author of The Gene Keys, puts it so well in his description of Gene Key 45… from Dominance to Communion through the path of Synergy.


We all know the stories of the traditional Queens and Kings… about rulers who use their power to dominate the people, the land and the material goods on that land. This story might begin with a traditional King, who inherits his position, and tends to ‘lord it over’ his kingdom rather than working with the people and the land. The kingdom inevitably suffers under his rule, the people rise in anarchy, the land gets destroyed and everyone, including the once proud King, is left struggling from the fallout.

This story could very well illustrate the dynamic of the inner landscape of you or me, when we live in the shadow aspect of this type of leadership, called Dominance. It’s when we believe that others are there only to fulfil us and to help us get what we want, and when we have little care or respect for what others might need. The phrase “I have” or “I don’t have” becomes more dominant than the voice, “We have.”


Fast forward to more modern times…hopefully… where we are morphing from the old paradigm of Dominance towards Synergy as a new leadership model. What story can you tell of a great leader who also follows and listens to the people and to what the land needs? What ruler, thought leader, mother/father or board member do you know who can simultaneously lead and follow with humility as well as give guidance and direction with wisdom and kindness? One who is willing to change what isn’t working to what does?


And finally, what’s the story you whisper and hear whispers of… about a near future of living in communion with all that is? Have you ever tapped into that feeling of flow when resources come to you and where you both give and receive support with no effort or struggle? This is the energy of communion.

Ahhhh, let’s be the bringers and tellers of THAT story! Let’s feel, let’s breathe this new possibility of living in communion with all that is… with our wounds and our gifts, our past struggles and our new dreams. Let’s gather together ALL OF US in our beauty and our ugliness, our fears and our loves, our sadness and our joys, our sickness and our health, our poverty and our riches.

For this week and beyond, let’s be grateful when we gather together in communion with each other and be in harmony with the land on which we live and breathe and have our being.

In joyful communion,
Juna & Sabine

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1 year ago

A BE-U-tiFull contribution to our day of reflection and refreshment!!
Jill and Henry