When Relationships Are Confusing

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Do you ever spin out thinking about a challenging conversation or difficult situation you had with your partner or friend, going over and over it in your mind, trying to make sense of it… only to end up confused or frustrated? You might be certain that it’s the end of the relationship… but the next day when you feel better, the whole problem seems so small… and your relationship isn’t the hopeless ship ready to drown. What gives?

If your thoughts about relationships tie you up in knots, welcome to this week’s energy theme, based in hexagram 64, Not Yet Fulfilled, or Before Completion/Confusion. The symbol for hexagram 64 is fire over water which signifies a difficult time, a time of confusion, but also a promise of success. The 64th hexagram is the last of the 64 hexagrams, so we’re talking about an ending of sorts… but it’s about endings that hold the promise of a new beginning…. a transition from disorder to order.

Yet at first, it can be very confusing!

You might be confused in your relationship for many reasons. However, if you succumb to the mental pressure to sort your confusion logically, you open a can of worms because relationships are so much more than a logical, mental connection. They’re a mysterious, deeply emotional and experiential connection… and when you try to understand them with your mind, you can easily spin a web of confusion. In addition, confusion keeps you doubting yourself, them and the relationship.

To add to the confusion, you may be aware that a dynamic in you or them is changing, rather than ending. We often mistake change for THE END. Change doesn’t have to mean ending the relationship. It can mean ending a dynamic, like bickering, for example. All it takes is one person in the relationship to change a habitual way of relating to make a change in the relationship itself. It can be confusing when you or your partner start acting differently.

When this is the case, ask yourself… Is this relationship over? Or is it changing? Am I okay with the changes? Is there enough trust and connection with this person to communicate with them honestly about my fears and try to find common ground within the changes? Am I okay if it ends? What support do I need to get through this?

If you’re experiencing confusion about the end of a relationship or an aspect of your relationship that’s ending, give yourself the gift of time… time that lets you sort out your emotions… time that heals wounds… time that brings clarity.

If you’d like support and guidance with this, watch this week’s energy forecast and meditation.

Live and love true to you,
Juna & Sabine

P.s. It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway. If your heart knows that your relationship is toxic, it’s over or the other person abuses or undermines you emotionally, physically, psychically, leave the relationship for your own health, sanity and well-being. It’s never okay to be in a relationship with someone who disregards you, belittles you and where you don’t feel safe. That’s our only caveat here. Don’t give your relationship more time if you know it’s unhealthy and you’re done with it. Do all you can to leave in a smart and safe way. If you’re struggling in your relationship, give us a call.

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