How many ways to define, label and describe your body have you created? Have you decided how much it should weigh? Or how stressed out it is? What about the size and shape of your nose? How many notions do you have about how your body should, would or could function, only if…?

The problem with defining anything is that you confine it to the box of “no change.”
For example, have you ever noticed that your eyes can be different colours other than what it says on the check box on your driver’s license? Or have you defined your eyes as either brown, blue, green, hazel or grey? 
Here is another example: If you would describe the intensity in your head and eyes as a “migraine,” how much would your definition of “migraine” confine you to having your usual symptoms show up? Likewise, when you define your body as weak, can it show up as being strong? Not so much!  Nothing can change with your body as long as you are defining it and judging it. You wouldn’t even notice if your brown eyes turned a golden green after you cried, if you decided your eyes are brown.

When you define your body, you confine your body.

What if you lived beyond labeling, measuring, or describing your body in any way? What could change? Perhaps if you had fewer points of views about your body, could your body show up differently? 

What most of us have done is made our looks, our weight, our strength or lack of it MEAN something. What if it didn’t mean anything? If you would remove the SIGNIFICANCE about how your body is, what it does or doesn’t do or what it looks like, what might that change?

I wonder if you acknowledged your body for being there day after day, contributing to you, what might become possible with your body?

Next time, when you are aware of a pain or discomfort, notice how quick you are to describe it or define it. Especially to someone else. Do you ever notice that describing it to someone else, makes it even more intense and real? What if the pain or discomfort was simply an awareness coming to you through your body? And what if you could ask more questions about it and be grateful for these pings of awareness?

Acknowledging your awareness is about noticing and being grateful for whatever shows up, with no point of view, no judgment, meaning or significance attached.

So many people I know are looking for freedom with their bodies and their lives. If you didn’t buy (hook, line and sinker) the definitions of bodies, of what the doctors say, of what the experts say, of what your family or friends say about your body, or even about what you say, what freedom might that unleash? Could your body be free of the confines of how it’s been defined?

Your point of view creates your reality.
When something shows up with your body that you wonder if it could change and it’s not, ask yourself, “Do I have a point of view or definition that’s creating and maintaining this?”  With that, you can use the phrase, “Interesting thought.” And let go of all the definitions you’ve used to solidify and make it more real than it has to be.

One of the most powerful ways to change the addiction to defining everything is to ask a question from the space of true wonder. True wonder is letting go of the need to find “the answer.” True wonder is acting as if you have met this intensity or this situation for the very first time. Instead of defining, your “energetic awareness” as a migraine, tiredness or stress, ask these 4 powerful questions:

  1. What is this energy I’m aware of here? 
  2. What do I do with it?
  3. Can I change it?
  4. If so, how can I change it?

It’s actually what we think we know cognitively and have defined and labeled correctly that can hold us hostage the most. If we simply ask and apply these 4 questions to basically EVERYTHING regarding your body, then wait for the awareness instead of the answer, miracles, magic and change with your body can start to show up in ways you’ve never imagined!

P.S. You can apply these 4 questions to MORE than your body!