Calling all Mages!

In over 20 years of facilitating healing and change with people and bodies, there’s one approach I noticed that wasn’t always working the way it could. Well meaning people, including myself, were using various techniques to clear their issues or limitations, but certain issues kept coming back.

You can clear your crap ’til the cows come home, but if nothing much changes, what’s the point?

It wasn’t that the technique was faulty or that the person didn’t do it right or believe enough… it was something else.

It seemed that every person could clear and change quite a bit. Yet I wondered, “Why do those particular life or body issues keep reappearing… no matter how many times you’ve used your tried and true techniques to clear them?”

What’s going on with that? Over time, I came up with a different approach. Whenever a particular energy or thought pattern repeats in my body/life, it’s a sign for me to give it my full attention. Ironically when giving it my full awareness, rather than swiping it away, it changes and I change.

Different approach: let energy serve you

The next time a recurring, niggling issue pops up again, hang out with it. Be with the energy that presents itself to you. Is it rough, cold, exciting, prickly, overwhelming, hot, stinky, relentless, heavy… familiar? Don’t be so quick to dismiss it this time. There’s a pony in there somewhere. Energy can be intense. Will you allow yourself to be with the intensity of the energy that’s present in the moment? 

And instead of going to the familiar knee-jerk need to clear the uncomfortable feelings, will you bring your full blown awareness to the energy that’s present? You’ve been pushing it away for a long time. It’s here now. Stay with it. Don’t become it. Observe it. Who’s bigger? It wouldn’t be here if it didn’t want your attention. You wouldn’t allow it if it didn’t benefit you in some way.

Oftentimes busy thoughts/feeling states aren’t relevant, but if they keep coming back, could there be something there for you? Even if it’s that you’re addicted to them to distract you from living your magic?! Bringing your 100% attention to a persistent thought, feeling or story for even 30 seconds can tell you a lot about its relevance to you.

Once you’ve brought your energy and attention to the recurring theme…

Ask the following questions about the thought, feeling or situation that shows up.
Then stay with the intensity of it and get honest with yourself about how much this serves you.

What’s the gift here? __________

What do I love about clearing _________ over and over again?

What’s the benefit of   __________ in my life/body?

Am I lying to myself that ____________ doesn’t serve me in some way?

In what ways might ___________ be serving me that I haven’t wanted to look at until now?

C’mon, you don’t get to say “nothing” as a response!
Dig a little deeper.

Once you realize how ___________ serves you, what can truly change?

You might choose to embrace the benefits of ___________ AND you may realize __________ has no place in your universe, thus the energy on it slips into oblivion.

When there’s a persistent energy in your world, it wants to serve you or mess with you, or serve you by messing with you.

Will you let it?



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