3 Questions To Get You Thriving

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Tap into your resources to meet your needs and… create some art!

Pretty much all of us live on an active spectrum between survival and thrival.

Some days you’re struggling to get out of bed and get to work and other days you’re humming in the creative zone.

Recently moved by a show called “Alone,” where 10 people are selected to survive in the rugged wilderness alone as long as they can with only 10 resources, we were inspired by the different ways each person took on that challenge.

In a nutshell, contestants have to build a shelter, procure their own food and water while surviving in harsh conditions which include weather,dangerous predators and their own mental chatter. The last one standing wins the prize.

We were specifically moved by a woman in her 50’s, Gina, who was able to not only survive for 67 days alone, but to thrive. What was her secret?

She lived by 3 questions during her stay in the Australian outback. She asked:

What do I need?
What are my resources?
What do I have left over to make art?

This last question sucker punched us!

Are we making use of our resources to make art? What does that even look like? What is art? Is art only a part of thrival or is it also a part of survival? As a metaphor for life, this tv show mimics our personal hero’s journey through life’s wilderness. Are we living artfully? How do we go beyond surviving into thriving?

Sabine and I are not here to eat worms, slugs and eels in order to survive in a harsh wilderness, but we do live in an urban jungle where stress, anxiety, depression, lack of connection, meaning and purpose replace the grizzly bear predators in the wild.

When we checked out Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, once you’ve got your needs for food and shelter managed, next is the need for safety, then the need for love and belonging… and when that’s all met, the need for self-esteem and finally, self-actualization… or in other words, THRIVAL.

We’re curious. Do you feel like you’re thriving or surviving? Like we said, surviving and thriving moves on a continuum throughout our days. If you’re living day to day in survival mode… worried about your resources, safety, love and belonging or if you’re trapped in feelings of unworthiness or self-doubt, try this.

  1. Make a list of what you need today.
  2. Make a list of 10 resources that help you get through your day. Are there resources available that you haven’t been using, that if you did, would help you not only survive, but thrive?
  3. And finally, what’s left (time, resources, energy) to make some art?

What we’ve found is that diving into art (expressing your unique gifts) is powerful medicine to help you thrive in the consumer-driven urban jungle so you can become the sovereign genius creator you were born to be!

And to take it further, make sure that our Activate Your Creative Genius Self-Study Course is one of your 10 resources. It’s chocked full of practical wisdom and inspiration to help you thrive in the urban jungle ~ a must-have for life’s journey!

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