Cold Plunge Anyone?

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Do you like surprises of the shocking kind? Cold plunges and ice baths are all the rage these days and they have a shocking quality to them. This fits in well with this week’s energy theme. When was the last time you were truly surprised? How did it feel in your body? Was it a happy surprise? Or was it shocking in an upsetting way?

Ever since January 9 and until May 10 of this year, the background frequency of human life on planet earth has been about surprise, shock and initiation. This coming week we double down on this energy, so just notice. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that a solar eclipse is occurring April 8 as well in this Quarter of Initiation.

Has something shocking or out of the ordinary been happening in your life and/or the lives of your friends, family or co-workers? Take a look on a personal level as well as globally. What’s new and perhaps shocking in your world and the world? How are you dealing with this kind of shock? Is it catalyzing you into a new way of being?

The beautiful thing about a shock, or something unexpected is that it can open you up to something new that may have never happened unless you were shocked first! We can get complacent and stuck in a rut or routine. Every now and then, it’s time for a gentle shake or a sudden wake up call… and this week, it just may come! (April 4-10) 

Sometimes it’s a happy surprise… and other times… it’s upsetting and traumatic.

Many people don’t like change and when something shocking happens it can throw you into a spin. So if you can perceive any kind of shocking event as part of a bigger picture, hopefully you can get some relief and relax into the change rather than fight against it.

The interesting thing about this week’s energy theme of Shock (hexagram 51) is that its polarity is Intuition and Clarity (hexagram 57). What this means is that intuition and clarity can hold your hand through what feels shocking and surprising. Phew! In other words, trust yourself through the changes by connecting with your personal guidance system.

The shock we’re talking about is the kind of shock that wakes up the innocent parts of you, so that wherever you’ve been being naive or innocent or checked out, shock helps you wake up to new growth. (Think ice baths and cold plunges!) You will be guided through whatever is shocking when you can also surrender to your intuition and trust the clarity that is beyond your mind trying to figure it all out!

So for this week in particular, keep your eyes and ears open to being surprised, shocked and initiated into greater awareness, greater love and greater growth.

Are you ready to be surprised?! If you’ve already been shocked recently like we have, (watch the video) how has this event been a catalyst for your Initiation into a new phase?

Let us know here or find a pen and paper and get writing about it!

If you’re spinning, you don’t have to go it alone. Reach out to either of us. We’ve got your back through shocking times.

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